National Satellite Meteorological Center of CMA

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      卫星气象中心办公大楼 The National Satellite Meteorological Center (NSMC) is an ancillary unit to the China Meteorological Administration (CMA). As a state-level operational S&T public service, the NSMC undertakes the mission of developing and operating the Chinese meteorological satellite system to enhance the ability of CMA in addressing weather and climate issues for the protection of public lives and property, and of sustained development of the economic society.

    The main responsibilities of NSMC are as follows.
    ● to make plan for China’s meteorological satellite development; define user requirements for the meteorological satellite system;
    ● to operate the meteorological satellite system; to receive, process, archive and disseminate satellite data to end users;
    ● to provide information service based on meteorological satellite data for weather forecast, climate prediction, the earth environment monitoring, and space weather monitoring and warning;
    ● to promote nation-wide utilization of meteorological satellite data based on research on algorithms, development of products; provide user with technical guidance on meteorological satellite remote sensing;
    ● entrusted by China Meteorological Administration, to exercise supervision and management for the implementation of satellite engineering project contracts.